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TNFF analyst Jim Nastic (@goldjacketqbs) goes through his selections from the 1.09 spot in this year’s highly anticipated Scott Fish Bowl (SFBX) in the Rubik’s Cube Division. He discusses his strategy, analysis, and on the cusp thinking and rationale for the first 11 rounds and each of his picks.

ROUND 1 - Changing on the Fly

The Rubik’s Cube Division of the SFBX got off to a fast pace with RBs Christian McCaffrey, and Barkley (Saquon not Matt) drafted as the first two picks respectively. That was followed with the $500 million QB Patrick Mahomes at the 1.03 and a bit of a shocker with RB Ezekiel Elliot going off the board at the 1.04 before QB Lamar Jackson at the 1.05. TE Travis Kelce, RB Alvin Kamara, and TE George Kittle were taken with picks 6 through 8 respectively. Clearly, the TE scoring and format in the SFBX has influenced the Rubik's Cube Division’s drafting in Round 1.

Seeing my top three targets in Kelce, Kamara and Kittle disappear I remembered some words of wisdom - - stay liquid. Quickly adapting, I debated between RB Joe Mixon or WR Michael Thomas. Not wanting to pull the trigger on a WR this early, I opt for Cincinnati Bengal Joe Mixon at the 1.09, waiting in anticipation for the 2.04 to come around. At 1.10, RB Miles Sanders flies off the board in a move I wasn't expecting to see (but love regardless). The Rubik's Cube Division finally sees it's first wide receiver off the board, as Michael Thomas is selected in front of his New Orleans Saints teammate QB Drew Brees.

My Pick: 1.09 - RB Joe Mixon

ROUND 2 - Back to Back RBs

The second round starts off with another QB selection in Dak Prescott at 2.01. Perhaps fearing which QBs would be remaining in Round 3, this participant at the 1.12 and 2.01 slots, decided to secure two QBs (having selected Brees with the 1.12). From there, I watch as Dalvin Cook and Davante Adams are drafted with the 2.02 and 2.03 picks respectively. Sitting on the clock at 2.04, I quickly debate between TE Mark Andrews or RB Nick Chubb, before hitting the draft button on the talented Cleveland Brown running back.

Ecstatic with my running back situation through the first two rounds, I now sit back and wait for the 3.09 to roll back to me. RB Derek Henry and QB Kyler Murray are taken with the 2.05 and 2.06 picks. QB Deshaun Watson is selected at 2.07 as the QB run in the Rubik's Cube Division has yet to begin. However, the third of the 'big three' TEs Mark Andrews, is selected in the middle of the second round with the 2.08 pick. Kelce, Kittle, and now Andrews are off the board before the third round. Will this spark a TE run? It doesn't, but the Watson pick may have instilled some fear in people as QB Russell Wilson is drafted at the 2.09 followed by RB Aaron Jones. Atlanta Falcons teammates, QB Matt Ryan and WR Julio Jones close out the second round of this epic tournament.

My Pick: 2.04 - RB Nick Chubb

ROUND 3 - Loading up on RBs

Round three kicks off with the selections of RB Kenyan Drake, WR Tyreek Hill and RB Josh Jacobs as the picks in the Rubik's Cube Division continue to keep rolling. With a somewhat of a surprise pick (in my opinion), the 3.04 selected Clyde Edwards-Helaire, making him the first rookie RB off the board. Looking more likely that my 3rd round target, Los Angeles Charger RB Austin Ekeler will fall to me at 3.09, I begin to get excited with the possibility of starting out the SFBX with three top RBs with my first three picks. Waiting anxiously with anticipation, I watch as RBs Leonard Fournette, Todd Gurley, and WR DeAndre Hopkins get selected with the next three picks. With one pick to go before my own, I message my fellow True North Fantasy Football crew member @itsharristime, hardly containing my excitement. I check back online and I see Chris Godwin selected with the 3.08 pick. It is now my turn and I smash the draft button on Austin Ekeler and never look back. I am extremely pleased and confident in my SFBX start with three potential top RBs. WR D.J. Moore, TE Zach Ertz, and RB Melvin Gordon close out round 3.

My Pick: 3.09 - RB Austin Ekeler

ROUND 4 - I Have a Fever, And The Only Prescription is More RB!

The fourth round begins with the selection of RB James Connor and like the 4th of July holiday in the United States, he was the spark to a fireworks of an idea that was building - RB Jonathan Taylor at the 4.04 (or at least that was my plan). QBs Josh Allen and Tompa Brady were selected with the 4.02 and4.03 spots respectively. Not wavering from my plan, I step to the proverbial podium and select Indianapolis Colts Jonathan Taylor. Through the first four rounds, I have clearly 'established the run’. QB Carson Wentz is selected immediately after and I start to wonder if my gamble at not drafting a QB with my first four picks will come back to haunt me? I began to feel a little reassurance once RB Le'veon Bell, WR Kenny Golladay, RB Cam Akers, and WR Mike Evans fill the middle of the round. My top options at quarterback are still available at that moment (Matthew Stafford and Kirk Cousins). David Johnson is the next player chosen and my dreams are dashed with Stafford being drafted at 4.11, by @RandleRant. Curtis Patrick closes the round by selecting Daniel Jones with the 4.12.

My Pick: 4.04 - RB Jonathan Taylor

ROUND 5 - 'You like that?!'

Round five begins with my top remaining WR Allen Robinson being selected, followed by another WR Amari Cooper.

This round could start a WR run among drafters. I sit hopeful, as I would like some QB's to fall to me. RB Chris Carson and WR JuJu Smith-Schuster are next off the board. Big Truss (RB Mark Ingram) is drafted this round and there are only two picks before I'm on the clock. I debate, between grabbing QB Kirk Cousins or skip past QB entirely and try to draft the Tennessee Titans twosome in WR A.J. Brown at the 5.09, and hopefully QB Ryan Tannehill in the next round at the 6.04. While I am strategizing, RB Raheem Mostert is taken at the 5.07 and wouldn't you know it, Kirk Cousins is taken in front of me with the 5.08! Once again, I contemplate zigging but instead step to the plate and select Ryan Tannehill. I have a plan to draft QB Cam Newton and his league-winning potential upside later on in the draft. The continuous offseason disrespect to WR Odell Beckham Jr. is finally halted with @JoshADHD selecting the Cleveland Browns wideout at 5.10. Aaron Rodgers and Robert Woods finish the round.

My Pick: 5.09 - QB Ryan Tannehill

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ROUND 6 - The Music City Miracle

Two more WRs kickstart this round with Calvin Ridley and Adam Thielen before QB Baker Mayfield is selected. At the 6.04, I complete my stack of the Tennessee twosome with the selection of A.J. Brown. TE Darren Waller and a mishmash of RBs and WRs come off the board - WRs Cooper Kupp Keenan Allen and D.J Chark along with RBs Kareem Hunt, Devin Singletary, and David Montgomery. With the final pick in round 6, my original plan and hopes are crumbled as Cam Newton is finally selected.

My Pick: 6.04 - WR A.J. Brown

ROUND 7 - Bucking Bronco

TE Evan Engram, RB Ronald Jones, and WR T.Y. Hilton kick off round 7. I have a little time to regroup and plan before my next selection. It is always important to adapt on the fly in a draft and not to be stuck on one strategy. QB Jared Goff and RB Derrius Guice are drafted next but were never targets of mine. However, the next pick of Tyler Lockett was a player I was looking to draft this round. WR Courtland Sutton was selected right before my pick and also a potential target of mine! Instead, I decide to select his teammate TE Noah Fant. Hopefully, I can start a TE run among the other people in this division. Next off the board are WRs Terry Mclaurin and Stefon Diggs; TE Haden Hurst finalizes the round.

My Pick: 7.09 - TE Noah Fant

ROUND 8 - Stylin' and Profilin'

TEs 'Mr. Greased Lightning' Mike Gesicki and Tyer Higbee are selected to start off round 8. The mini TE run has started and I'm glad I grabbed Fant back in round 7. With one pick between me and my hopeful selection of QB Jimmy 'GQ' Garoppolo, I go to sleep and wait to see if he will still be around in the morning.. I wake up to see QB Big Ben Roethlisberger taken ahead of me and breathe a huge sigh of relief. Today couldn't have started any better; Jimmy GQ is a member of Team Maple Mamba. Hopefully, next round I can snag the former LSU Tiger King, Joe Burrow. Sophomore WR D.K. Metcalf is taken in this round along with other WR Marquise Brown. But the surprise for me this round was seeing RB Zach Moss selected as I did not anticipate the Bills rookie to be drafted this early. QB Derek Carr is also drafted in this round and there seems to be a SFBX hype around him, but I'm not sold he keeps his job past week 5; I'll target his 'backup' and fellow Raider Marcus Mariota later on. RB Tarik Cohen and a pair of TEs in Austin Hooper and Jared Cook end round 8.

My Pick: 8.04 - QB Jimmy Garoppolo

ROUND 9 - Damn You Curtis Patrick!

This round begins with me heartbroken as once again Curtis Patrick drafts a player that I was targeting! In previous rounds, it was QBs Joe Burrow and Cam Newton. This round he snipes WR Jarvis Landry. I see a ton of value come off the board this round with QB Teddy 'Twogloves' Bridgewater, TE T.J. Hockenson, RB James White, QB Drew Lock, QB Gardner Minshew, TE Blake Jarwin, and RB Keshawn Vaughn all being selected.

After swimming for a few hours following a long day of work, I can't seem to see a pattern or run forming among the members in the division so I decide to look at ADP for my next pick. I decide that Tyler Boyd is a good WR to pair with A.J Brown. Six picks await before I'm back on the clock but I don't anticipate that to be very soon as the Rubik's Cube division is the slowest among all divisions in the SFBX this year! Rob Gronkowski, Damien Williams, and Michael Gallup close the round.

My Pick: 9.09 - WR Tyler Boyd

ROUND 10 - Stabilizing the TE Position

Round 10 starts without me noticing and RB Jordan Howard, WR Julien Edelman, and a favourite RB of mine J.K. Dobbins are all drafted. I wake up to see I'm on the clock with two hours left. I rub my eyes, pour a cup of coffee, and step up to the podium (my keyboard). I select another young TE in Dallas Goedert to pair up with my other young TE Noah Fant. WRs Devante Parker, WR Christian Kirk as well as this year’s potential breakout candidate TE Jonnu Smith are selected after my pick. My heart is broken this round as I see my own favourite TE Irv Smith Jr and Jack Doyle selected this round (two TEs I hoped to land later). WR A.J Green and another pair of late-round WR crushes of mine Marvin Jones Jr and Deebo Samuel are drafted.

My Pick: 10.04 - TE Dallas Goedert

ROUND 11 - Still Got the RB Fever

Entering the halfway point of the draft I've had a few players sniped from me in a few rounds (looking at you Curtis Patrick!), but true to my game plan, I am staying liquid and always adapting to the situation per round. To be honest, I like the look of my team. This round starts with RBs and WRs being selected; Kerryon Johnson, Alexander Mattison, Darius Slayton, and Jamison Crowder are the first four picks. With only four picks between me and the halfway point of my team, I still have no clue who I'll select at 11.09. TE Ian Thomas goes this round and depending on who is left, drafting a TE might be the best route at 11.09. Another guy near and dear to my heart is WR Brandin Cooks and he is selected next; followed by WR Mike Williams. There is only one spot between me and my selection, and again I have no clue which player I will select for my team. Even worse, I've yet to establish any clear patterns in this draft and getting sniped four straight rounds by Curtis Patrick still stings.

My Pick: 11.09 - RB Sony Michel


QB - Ryan Tannehill (5.09)

QB - Jimmy Garoppolo (8.04)

WR - A.J. Brown (6.04)

WR - Tyler Boyd (9.09)

RB - Joe Mixon (1.09) RB - Nick Chubb (2.04) RB - Austin Ekeler (3.09) RB - Jonathan Taylor (4.04)

RB - Sony Michel (11.09) TE - Noah Fant (7.09) TE - Dallas Goedert (10.04)

Thank you for reading my article. Agree or disagree with any of my 11 selections or rationale for them? Please leave a comment or let me know @goldjacketqbs. Stay tuned for Part 2 of 'A Tale From the SFBX' where I reveal the final 11 spots of my roster!

Edited by: Joe Simonetti (@joesimonetti77)