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Clydesdale - The Workhorse We Need

Clyde Edwards-Helaire - LSU Tigers

Behind the madness of "Busting for Burrow" there was another storm brewing on the LSU football field. That storm was potential stud running back, Clyde Edwards-Helaire. In a star-studded class that boasts Dobbins, Swift, Etienne, and newly declared stud Jonathan Taylor, Clyde was a safety net for Burrow, the Heisman winner. When protection broke down, or stud wideouts Ja'Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson were somehow covered Clyde was there. Perhaps benefiting from the presence of Chase and Jefferson, I still think Helaire showcased enough for me to suggest he could be a first-round pick in the actual NFL draft.

Standing at 5'8" and 209 lbs C.E.H is built to be a three down back. Posting an amazing 199 carries for 1304 yards (6.6 ypc) in the SEC with a solid 16 rushing TD's. Helaire also flashed excellent hands catching 50 passes for another 399 yards (8 y.p.c) and another touchdown. In this day and age in the NFL, the more you can stay on the field and protect the QB, the more opportunities you'll get and C.E.H. did just that for potential #1 pick Joe Burrow. There were often times where the line would get blitzed and Helaire was there to pick up unassigned blitzers, throwing himself in harm’s way to protect Burrow, something that doesn't go unnoticed by NFL GM's. Clyde showed me this season he has excellent vision in finding holes, elite burst once he decides to go, and good hands to help his QB with dump-offs, and fantastic balance through contact.

In a world where everyone's looking for the next elite RB in fantasy, Helaire isn't really getting touted with the other prospects. But I have heard rumblings that at least one NFL General Manager has C.E.H as a first-round talent.

This year, if I'm holding a high first round pick, I'd be holding until closer to the draft and looking to trade back to grab C.E.H. He’ll be available in the back half of first rounds, and if you can re-coup an extra 2nd round pick in moving back, you can grab another young asset like Jalen Reagor or Clyde’s LSU teammate Justin Jefferson. This year’s rookie draft is loaded and because of it some natural first round talent will fall, don’t sleep on picking up the Clydesdale.

Jim Nastic