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Intro to Best-Ball

If you want to earn cash playing fantasy football, best ball is the golden ticket.

Fantasy football has exploded in recent years with exponential ways to play. From Superflex leagues to multiple player copy 720 team leagues.

Best-Ball is the simplest of all and certainly the least work. There are no moves after you draft your team. No trades. No waivers. Just draft and go!

Your best team is auto-populated with the highest scoring players. Usually 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE 1 FLEX 1 DST.

Draft day is not only my favourite sports movie (kidding), it's also the part I look forward to the most for each league I’m in. Best-ball lets you do as many drafts as you'd like. You can do one or two to see where some polarizing players go in real drafts. Or you can do 100+ if you're like me and obsess over drafting players! (The love of dynasty mode in video games meets fantasy football)

Best-Ball has grown fast and has often been described as the antithesis of dynasty. The winner is decided by Total Points (full PPR and 0.5 PPR depending where you play). The weekly totals for weeks 1-16 come from your "optimal" lineups and the player with the Most Points Year to Date wins.

There are several formats for best-ball. Most best-ball leagues consist of 12 teams, with Winner take all, or the top 3 teams receiving payouts are the most popular. There are leagues that pay the top half double their buy-in, and numerous other niche formats.

Best-Ball has both slow draft and live draft options. Offering live drafts with one-minute clocks or slow drafts with two, four, and eight-hour clocks. Buy-ins are contingent on the site you choose, usually $1-100 while most popular are $10.

The most common platforms are Fanball.com (MFL10's) and Draft.com. The FFPC offers high stakes best-ball. Now that we've what a best-ball draft looks like there are many factors to consider. In the articles to follow, we will dive into:

- Roster Construction (How many of each position to draft)

- Differences from Re-Draft

- Injury consideration (positional % and types of players to avoid)

- Bye Weeks

- Stacking

- Balance (deep guys/slot guys/consistent/ boomers)

- Win Rates (player and draft position)

- And much more...

Tyrell Maclachlan