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Myles Gaskin - The Real Deal or Fool's Gold?

Rising up from the deep recess of the Miami Dolphins running back depth chart is Myles Gaskin. Coming into the year, Gaskin was an afterthought to say the least, when it came to the Miami running game. Prior to the season, Miami was the team with the last running back coming off the board in drafts according to Dynasty League Football September ADP. Miami brought in free agent Jordan Howard (RB36 ADP) and also traded for Matt Breida (RB47 ADP). It was the assumption by the dynasty community that Jordan Howard would be the early down back with Matt Breida acting as the change of pace back and coming in on passing downs. There was never any thought that the most valuable back to own in this offense after week five of this season would be Myles Gaskin who wasn’t even on the September ADP list. Coming into the 2020 season, he was listed as the fourth running back on the depth chart behind even Patrick Laird! Saying all this, what should we make of Gaskin and how should we value him going forward in dynasty?

Where Did He Come From?

Myles Gaskin was a seventh round pick in the 2019 draft for the Miami Dolphins. He played college football for the Washington Huskies. He had a decent college production but really wasn’t a head turner. He tested out at the combine around the 50th percentile in most categories. He is an undersized back (5’9” and 205 lbs), has decent hands, and good vision.

The Dolphins run game in 2019 was a putrid waste land … and that's being nice! We were treated with the Kalen Ballage experience running at 1.82 yards per attempt and the mediocre waiver wire pickup Patrick Laird who in PPR leagues gave you a few points in a pinch at the end of the year. Around this time, Gaskin started receiving a few rushes per game and was the most efficient rusher but was never a playable asset in 2019.

How Did Gaskin Take Over?

In week one, Miami spread out the running back carries between Jordan Howard (8), Matt Breida (5), and Myles Gaskin (9). Gaskin was the only running back used in the passing game, catching all four of his targets. Breida and Gaskin were the more efficient runners but Howard was getting the touches inside the five yard line.

Week two showed much of the same usage. Howard was getting the goal line touches, Breida and Gaskin were between the 20s backs, and Gaskin being used in the passing game.

By week three, it was becoming clear that it was becoming Myles Gaskin’s backfield. He dominated the touches, taking 22 of the 28 rushes producing 66 yards. He was also the only running back used in the passing game catching all 5 of his targets for 29 yards.

After week three, it has been mainly Myles Gaskin with some Matt Breida mixed in. In week five, the Dolphins clearly had seen enough of Jordan Howards 14 yards through the first 4 games and made him a healthy scratch. Gaskin clearly has the confidence of the coaching staff.

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Should We Be Buying Gaskin?

Since 2003, there have been only four running backs drafted in the seventh round of the NFL draft to have had a top 12 fantasy finish. They are Peyton Hillis, Justin Forsett, Chris Carson, and Ahmad Bradshaw. None of those RBs have repeated the feat, although Carson may be the first this season. If we expand to top 24 finishes, we only add two more names to that list in Rashad Jennings and Derrick Ward. What does this mean? Even if it looks like Gaskin is an asset for this year, I would not count on him being more than a depth piece for 2020. With the Dolphins having two first round picks and two second round picks in this year’s draft, it isn’t unreasonable to expect the Dolphins to draft a running back with higher talent to the roster with one of their earlier picks.

Should we be buying? As always, it all depends on your team needs and if you are a contender or not. No one wants to buy a 1987 Honda Civic, but if that’s all you can get and you need a ride to work … you better buy it! Gaskin is a usable asset and easily acquirable. If you are trying to make a push for a championship this year and need running back depth in a year ravaged by injury and Covid-19 delays, then go get him. In recent trades, I have seen him traded for a 2021 second-round pick and even a 2022 second round pick. I have no problem paying a second round pick to secure depth at the RB position for a championship run. Just temper your expectations. Gaskins looks like he will be able to provide you with a RB2 season with some RB1 weeks mixed in. But, he is not a high ceiling play or a long term solution for your dynasty team.

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