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Pre-Draft Mashup Mock Draft

With the NFL Draft fast approaching and the NFL Scouting Combine in the books, 12 fantasy heads from the community came together to do a final post-combine/pre-draft rookie mock draft. This is a 1 QB PPR format and the article includes analysts from truenorthffb.com, cantcutlist.com, 2on1fantasysports.com, ffastronauts.com, dynastynerds.com and tckpod.com. Make sure you visit these sites for quality fantasy football content and check the handles below to give these guys a follow! Enjoy!

Participating analysts:

@cjalaps, @kacer_lukas, @tnffTyrell, @connorten, @DBrownFF88, @goldjacketqbs, @CrisDynasty,

@TSeel14, @101chalk, @ffshaneb, @AWLsabermetrics, @DomFFL.


1.01- Jonathan Taylor - RB Wisconsin

Corey Spala - @cjalapsFF - Candlestick Kids

A common knock against Taylor was a penchant to put the ball on the ground too often. But, did he really have fumbling issues? Obviously less fumbles would be better, but Taylor (53.8) finished lower in career-college touches per fumble than Dalvin Cook (54.5) did. I don’t think we need to hold the fact that he has fumbled the ball against Taylor. In the NFL Cook has had 7 fumbles through 561 touches (80.1), leaving room for improvement for Taylor. There are some skills that can be taught, and others that cannot, holding onto the ball is something that can be taught and learned at the NFL level. I am not worried about Taylor and fumbles moving forward.

At 225lbs, Taylor ran a 4.39 40 which equaled a speed score of 121.7 and an ELITE draft score of 98, the highest amongst his RB peers.

Easy decision here, take Jonathan Taylor all day until the NFL draft where we can see landing spots.

1.02- Cam Akers - RB Florida State

Lukas Kacer - @kacer_lukas

Decided to go bold here and go with Akers over Swift. To me, turning 261 touches into 1,369 total yards and 18 touchdowns behind the 118th ranked offensive line via PFF, was something I couldn’t ignore compared to Swift’s production last year. Swift will almost be guaranteed to go earlier come NFL Draft time, but Akers should slot in nice as a change of pace back that will eventually take over for a contending team.

1.03- D’Andre Swift - RB Georgia

Tyrell Maclachlan - @TNFFtyrell - True North Fantasy Football

At 1.03 I received a D’Andre Gift! As a Georgia product we saw D’Andre Swift spared workhorse touches in college. Regardless of his role as a primary or committee back, Swift more than held up his end of the bargain putting forth elite efficiency. D’Andre Swift was over 6 yards per carry in his three seasons at Georgia and over 9 yards per reception over the same time span. To impress further D’Andre Swift achieved about 75% of his production in college against SEC opponents.

The Dolphins and Buccaneers have clear paths to bellcow touches. Both make for logical fits. Both officially met with Swift at the combine. Or do we prefer the Georgia product to stay in the state with Atlanta? Sure the Falcons just added Gurley, but that is a one-year deal where I expect them to run him into the ground. The Falcons and Swift make for a perfect long-term marriage. Atlanta is a team craving explosivity and D’Andre offers exactly that. Swift has the highest rate of 10+ yard runs in this class (over 20%), and the listed teams offer 300 touch upside to a running back. Swifts 3 down upside supersedes his inability to have top volume on his resume at Georgia. He wouldn’t hit a homerun his rookie season, but after 2020, Swift in Atlanta could easily hit the 300 touch mark. 300 touches means top 10 in fantasy. In the last 5 years, 100% of backs to see 300+ touches finished in the top 10. Dre day!

1.04 - Clyde Edwards Helaire - RB LSU

Connor - @connorten - True North Fantasy Football

CEH is my RB1 in this year's draft and would be my first overall pick in standard format, so I continue to believe I'm getting a steal at #4. No matter where he lands what he brings to a team isn't found in all running backs. A 2019 season of 1,400 yards rushing, 450 receiving yards, and 214 kick return yards to go with 17 TDs, shows that he is an all purpose machine!

He is an unpredictable runner who has great vision, quick feet and a deadly combination of power and balance. He is going to be a fantasy goldmine with his all purpose ability on the ground and through the air. He reminds me of Alvin Kamara and if he can hit or even break through his ceiling, he will be dangerous!

1.05- CeeDee Lamb - WR - Oklahoma

Daniel Brown - @DBrownFF88 - The Undroppables

I absolutely love getting my WR1 from this class, five picks into this draft. CeeDee Lamb may lack top end speed but he has aggressive hands and is top tier from this class with contested catches and ball tracking ability.

Lamb looks incredibly natural and is always looking to make a play once the ball is in his hands. Lamb has put up incredible statistics since high school. If you like a player with proven production, Lamb is the cream of the crop and my “Lock” prospect.

1.06 Jalen Reagor - WR T.C.U.

Jim Nastic @Goldjacketqbs

What can I say, the combine didn't knock Jalen down at all in my rankings, he's still my WR #2. At the combine he exploded with a 138" broad jump, a 42" vertical, and a 4.47 40 yard dash. For those that thought that Jalen's "disappointing" 4.47 was going to get them a discount they will probably be sadly mistaken.

An elite WR with speed and hand size (9½") who played with SIX!! QB's at T.C.U. Reagor can walk into the NFL and immediately be a fantasy contributor, something most rookies can’t say. With my top two RB's in Taylor and Swift off the board and CeeDee going one pick before me again Jalen Reagor was an easy choice. Early breakout age, sufficient dominator rating, Athletic monster, Reagor checks a lot of boxes.

1.07- Jerry Jeudy - WR - Alabama

Cristian Ognibene @Crisdynasty

Sitting in the same spot as the last mock, 1.07 is a perfect spot to land a future WR1. At 6’1”, 193 lbs and a 4.45 40, Jeudy had a solid combine. Jeudy is in prime position to land in the top 15 of the NFL draft after his performance in Indy, giving him the draft capital many desire.

His elite route running ability will push Jeudy to a high volume WR with the YAC ability no other prospect in this class can do consistently. He has safe hands, fluid movement at the LOS and also the ability to line up all over the field. He is my WR2 in this class and has the ability to be a contributor right away and future WR1. My pro comp- OBJ.

1.08- J.K. Dobbins - RB Ohio State

Travis Seel - @TSeel14 - True North Fantasy Football

With the rise of Cam Akers - up 6 spots from our pre-combine mock draft - came the fall of J.K. Dobbins. Chosen at 1.03 in this draft’s previous iteration, I couldn’t be happier to get Dobbins where I did. With the right landing spot, he could be a stud in the NFL.

Setting an Ohio State Rushing record with over 2,000 yards, Dobbins proved he can produce on a heavy workload. Dobbins had 46% of the team’s rushing attempts and accounted for over 30% of the team’s total scrimmage yards. With 20 or more receptions in each of his three years as a Buckeye, I’m confident that Dobbins can carve out a workload on whichever team he lands with. Getting a foundational running back for my roster in the back half of the first round feels like a steal.

1.09- Denzel Mims - WR Baylor

Chalk - @101chalk - The Undroppables

Mims blew the Combine up and he has skyrocketed up many rookie rankings. I may have gone with him a little early but his talent and ceiling can’t be disputed, especially for his size. Mims has exceptional speed and coupled with his ability to block and excel in contested catches, he is a top prospect for me in this draft. Although the Baylor product has questions with drops and consistency with his routes, Mims should see himself go in the late first round of most dynasty rookie drafts.

1.10- Tee Higgins - WR Clemson Tigers

Shane - @ffShaneB - Fantasy Football Astronauts

I completely understand why Tee Higgins “fell” two spots to me. He didn’t perform at the combine and other people who did drills performed better than expected. I don’t know if his injury from the National Championship game was a factor for him not participating in drills, but I would understand if it was, and he was just trying to get 100% healthy. I don’t hold it against him, and I could not pass up on him here. He is 6'3 5/8th” and 216 lbs. That weight is encouraging to me because one of the knocks coming in was that he might be too skinny for his almost 6’4” frame. He is extremely athletic with speed which could make him a problem in the NFL. I love his potential and think getting him this late in the first round would be fantastic!

1.11- Justin Jefferson - WR LSU Tigers

Dan - @awlsabermetrics - 2on1:FantasySports

So I’m going to keep these write-ups a little shorter and to the point as especially the closer we get to the draft, you’re going to know the names and their hype. Jefferson was someone people were really hot on prior to the combine, and I don’t think he did anything to quell those feelings. Now it would have been nice if he did the 3-Cone or a few other drills, but the 4.43 40 he put up was a welcomed sign. Jefferson certainly has the stats coming off an historic season at LSU with 111 receptions for 1.5k yards and 18 touchdowns. If I can land Jefferson at the back end of the first round in my real drafts I would be a happy camper.

1.12- Zach Moss - RB Utah

Dom - @domffl - Dynasty Nerds

I was a little disappointed to not have Cam Akers fall to me, especially when I called dibs on him before we started the mock draft. Yet, to get the 2020 version of David Montgomery with the last pick of the 1st seems like a pretty fair value. There were a lot of very talented guys still on the board, but I believe that Moss has the best odds to be the one with the biggest workload in his first season. I’ve always been a volume guy over an efficiency guy. He isn’t the biggest or the most athletic back in this draft, but he does lead all RB’s in missed tackles forced at 30% (!!!). There are certainly more high upside guys left on the board, but I want someone more dependable with my first round pick.


2.01- Henry Ruggs - WR Alabama

Corey Spala - @cjalapsFF - Candlestick Kids

I am 99% sure I have not watched more film than you. Ruggs did not out produce wide receivers on his team but did have 100 career touches and 25 career touchdowns (25% TDs). You cannot ignore his speed (4.27) and we all know that wide receivers running under a 4.3 have panned out in the NFL- so where is the good in Ruggs? Not sure, but with world class athleticism and the potential for teams to build plays to get him the ball, he is easily worth the 2.01. I do not know how Ruggs will translate to the Fantasy Football world but I don’t think I can let him slip in a 1QB league. His pure athleticism is a gamble worth taking.

2.02- Anthony McFarland - RB Maryland Lukas Kacer - @kacer_lukas - Candlestick Kids

McFarlands past season stats give a little bit of doubt when it comes to evaluating him as an NFL prospect, but when you watch the film, this kid shines. Every time McFarland touches the ball you know he isn’t stopping until he loses the tackle breaking battle. McFarland played on a well below average Maryland team in his two years and still managed to hold 6.65 yards per carry. McFarland is a very intriguing prospect with tons of potential.

2.03- A.J. Dillon - RB Boston College

Tyrell Maclachlan - @TNFFtyrell - True North Fantasy Football

A BC boy taking a BC boy, it feels so right. Unfortunately, that’s where mine and AJ Dillon’s similarities fade, to start I weigh about half as much as the Boston College product. If you’ve been living under a rock, Dillon won the combine. That rock you were living under may have been AJ Dillon himself. Buddies rocked up; 247 lbs and reportedly 7% body fat. The 247 lbs behemoth not only weighs what Derrick Henry weighs, but he can move too. He ran a 4.53 on the gun and his 41 inch vertical was tops among the RB class at the combine. 29 running backs have come to the combine at 235 lbs or more since 2003, included in that list are Dillon comparables like Stephen Jackson and Brandon Jacobs, plus recent big boys such as Henry and Fournette. Out of the 29 players that fit that criteria, AJ Dillon holds the 4th fastest 40 time and the best vertical in the group.

AJD checks the most predictive boxes; 99th percentile BMI, and 97th percentile speed and burst scores! We’re underplaying his production profile too. In the last 10 years Dillon has the 3rd highest rushing yards/ game in a college career (125) And in his final season at BC, Dillon put his big play upside on display. Only Darryngton Evans, JK Dobbins and Johnathon Taylor had more 10+ yard runs. Dillon also showed his elusivity; 80 forced missed tackles and just under 3.5 yards after contact/ attempt according to PFF.

2.04 - Chase Claypool - WR Notre Dame

Connor - @connorten - True North Fantasy Football

A 6'4, 240lb WR who runs a 4.42 40... Sign me up! Is this a potential reach, yes. But his elite skill set translates perfectly to the NFL and could bring him immediate snaps on most NFL rosters and fantasy success and relevance going forward. His incredible size and explosiveness, paired with his ability to run block make him a big slot receiver made in heaven for teams who don't have that second TE for two TE sets.

Better yet, he's also a vertical threat when going one on one with a CB should be an easy mismatch and should consistently win on 50/50 balls or contested catches. This man is NFL ready and paired with the right offense like KC or Baltimore, who stretch the field and have a legit TE to help Claypool reach his ceiling.

2.05- Eno Benjamin - RB - Arizona St

Daniel Brown - @DBrownFF88 - The Undroppables

A prospect that has slowly moved up my board, Benjamin simply doesn’t have any glaring holes. He is a reliable runner that can handle the load with pass catching ability to round out his 3 down skill set. While slightly undersized, his elusiveness and competitiveness make up for his stature.

While his landing spot could fluctuate his value, Benjamin should have no problem carving himself out a role on just about any team. He strings together shifty moves that look like instant highlight reels, and will no doubt be a fun player to watch at the next level.

2.06- Antonio Gibson - WR/RB Memphis

Jim Nastic - @Goldjacketqbs - True North Fantasy Football

Antonio Gibson is in a word, ELECTRIC. Get Antonio the ball and watch the magic happen. A running back and a wide receiver at Memphis, Gibson blazed a 4.39 40 yard dash at the combine and worked out as a WR, but Gibson is the exact type of multi-threat player I like to target in rookie drafts. A special teamer, a running back, a wide receiver, wherever Gibson is defensive coordinators are going to have to know where he is at all times.

Not a threat of being overworked in college, he only had 38 receptions in 2019 but had a crazy 735 yards (19.3avg) and 8 TD's. Add in 33 carries for 369 yards (11.9) and 4 more touchdowns on the ground. He scored every 5.9 times he touched the ball! I'll take that all day. Remember the name in April and see where he gets drafted on the right team, Gibson can be a sneaky player.

2.07- Tua Tagovailoa - QB Alabama

Cristian Ognibene - @Crisdynasty

Last Mock I was fortunate enough to have my pick of QB, this mock was no different. With the news of Tua being healthy and starting football activities soon, he has become my QB1. Tua is a dual-threat Quarterback with a winning background and mentality any fantasy owner would love.

Tua will be the next QB to enter the dynasty fold such as Wilson, Mahomes, Watson, and Murray. Tua has great arm strength, protects the football and has the ability to move the chain when under pressure. In a Superflex league he could be an instant contributor with his running abilities, in a 1QB league he could easily come to lead your team in a short time frame as well. I expect him to be a top 10 dynasty QB in 1-2 years. My pro comp- Russell Wilson.

2.08 - Brandon Aiyuk - WR Arizona St

Travis Seel - @TSeel14 - True North Fantasy Football

Brandon Aiyuk doesn’t feel like he’s gotten his just due this draft season. Although he has been spotted in the late first round of certain NFL mock drafts, it doesn’t seem like he elicits the same fanfare amongst fantasy gamers. I was thrilled to get him in the back half of the second round.

Aiyuk’s specialty is making it happen after the catch and he fits the bill as a productive weapon used predominantly out of the slot. Aiyuk broke out late at 21 years old but he was playing in a bad offense dominated by N’Keal Harry and Eno Benjamin. Once Harry left, Aiyuk’s breakout was possibly more impressive than that of the Patriots’ first round pick with almost 1,200 yards on only 65 receptions. Another steal in the second round, I’m cleaning up!

2.09- Laviska Shenault - WR Colorado

Chalk - @101chalk - The Undroppables

Shenault was a #draftszn darling until recently where his stock has dropped with a sub par 40-time of 4.58. The questions around his health can’t be forgotten either but “Viska” is an absolute beast in the open field. He is a true threat to take it all the way to the house at any given moment. Shenault is an offensive weapon with the ability to line up from almost anywhere on the field so where he is drafted will be key to his usage, and ultimately success at the next level.

2.10- Tyler Johnson - WR Minnesota

Shane - @ffShaneB - Fantasy Football Astronauts

Tyler, Tyler, Tyler what are we going to do with you? The NFL does not like you as much as FF Twitter and you are not helping yourself by continually not participating in events they put on AND actually invite you to. All that being said, I still like Tyler A LOT. I watched him tear up my Auburn secondary in the bowl game and really got to experience his talent that I had been hearing about. Because of that, I took Tyler Johnson at 2.10 and pre NFL landing spot, I think this would be a great spot to still get Johnson in the second round. He may fall further after the NFL draft because, as mentioned before, they don’t love him as much as us FF guys.

2.11- Bryan Edwards, WR South Carolina

Dan - @awlsabermetrics - 2on1:FantasySports

This pick is obviously a little tough at the moment after his injury, but it could also help you draft him a little later than he would otherwise be going if he were healthy. His draft stock taking a hit is a double edged sword for that reason, so he is a name you need to keep an eye on the closer it gets to the draft, landing spot could be even more important for him if he goes as a Day 3 guy. Later round guys typically have a shorter leash, so keep that in mind moving forward. But, with all of that said, Edwards was a very solid prospect before the broken foot. A big bodied wideout that has some pretty solid measurables is someone I like to target, especially late in the second. Though he had some problems with drops throughout college, that is something that can be improved, some natural athleticism, but more importantly a good football IQ, and a willingness to use his size against DBs is something I like in the intangibles lense.

2.12- Antonio Gandy-Golden - WR Liberty

Dom Johnson - @domffl - Dynasty Nerds

While watching AGG during the Senior bowl, I came away very impressed. He is a tall, strong (22 reps on the bench), physical athlete who attacks the ball well at the top of his jump and makes spectacular grabs on a regular basis. I thought about spending this pick on one of my favorite late-round QB prospects, but I ultimately decided on AGG based on his sheer athleticism. His route-running and release could use some polishing (7.22 3-cone) and he doesn't have top-end speed (4.6 40), but he tracks the ball well and can be a great redzone weapon for big WR needy teams.


3.01- Joe Burrow - QB LSU

Corey Spala - @cjalapsFF - Candlestick Kids

Since my team is drafting at the 01 spot, this means I need a team overhaul. Last mock draft I took Herbert, this time I am taking Burrow. Burrow is going to the Bengals and will have offensive weapons in: AJG, Boyd, Tate, Ross, and Mixon.

I am excited to get a player that should be in the starting role for the next 10-15 years. The Bengals will also be getting an improved offensive line with Jonah Williams coming back, and hopefully some movement in Free Agency and/or the Draft. I’m hopeful that Burrow will have continued success from his historic college football season.

3.02- Darrynton Evans - RB - App. St

Lukas Kacer - @kacer_lukas

Another fun upside prospect at the running back position is Darrynton Evans out of Appalachian State. Evans posted a rushing stat line of 255-1480-18 in a fantastic season for him as well as the App. St squad. Evans is a smaller back in size coming in at 5ft 10in and 203 pounds, but he ran a 4.41 at the combine to give him a speed score in the 86th percentile. Evans has change of pace running back written all over him. I know that may scare away some people, but remember when the change of pace back Tarik Cohen was a PPR RB1? Running backs that catch passes are always valuable, don’t overlook them just because they don’t get the lion's share of rushes as well.

3.03- K.J. Hamler - WR Penn St.

Tyrell Maclachlan - @TNFFtyrell - True North Fantasy Football

Every year the combine offers us a Penn State pass catcher to marvel over. K.J. pulling his Hamler robbed us of that this year in Indy and the circumstances of the world robs us of Pro Day exposure to K.J. Hamler. Fine by me! I was able to get KJ Hamler in the 3rd round? If the community sees the sub 4.3 speed on his draft card Hamler’s price goes up. His speed translates on the gridiron too. Among top WRs in ADP currently. Jerry Jeudy and K.J. Hamler are tied for the highest percent of their catches in college to go for 15+ yards (45.9%)

Now in fairness, Hamler is very raw, and very one dimensional at this point. His route running, sub 180lb frame, and his 12 drops on 92 targets last year all leave us gritting our teeth. Contrastly, his breakout age, YPPR on PFF, and his game breaking upside (13% of his catches at Penn St. went for a TD) make Hamler a great upside pick if he continues to slide down draft boards. Hamler’s a top 20 player in my rookie ranks.

3.04 - Jalen Hurts - QB Oklahoma

Connor - @connorten - True North Fantasy Football

Hurts is a dual-threat QB who led the Sooners in rushing yards last season and adding 20 TDs, while also completing 69.7% of passes for over 3,800 yards and 32 TDs. These numbers alone should make your eyes pop in an NFL league valuing dual-threat, mobile QBs. I believe he may not emerge immediately from this class like Joe Burrow, but he is a stash and thank me later QB.

Once he gets the opportunity to play, his accuracy, mobility, and strength will lead him to winning out a starting QB job and ultimately becoming the QB3 in this class behind Tua and Herbert. The right team will develop and hone in all the talent that he possesses and will be a must own fantasy asset and getting him in round 3 is perfect!

3.05- Donavan Peoples-Jones - WR Michigan

Daniel Brown - @DbrownFF88 - The Undroppables

DPJ is a well rounded receiver that has the size and the athleticism that teams are looking for in the NFL. Very fluid in his movements both before and after the ball is in his hands. He shows great ability to make contested catches, giving his quarterback a nice target anywhere on the field.

While he needs to work on his release and his routes in the short field, he's a WR that should get snaps year one. I love the upside that People’s-Jones has for a fantasy wide receiver, and getting him at 3.05 is great value for my team.

3.06- Joshua Kelley- RB UCLA

Jim Nastic @Goldjacketqbs - True North Fantasy Football

A player that started gaining more attention during the Senior Bowl week, Kelley should have been on my radar sooner. But I, like many, dismissed the UCLA product, probably due to a bad taste in my mouth from the last UCLA back Paul Perkins. But make no mistake, Kelley isn't Perkins. At 5'11" and a meaty 219lbs, he is thick and can bust through arm tackles easily.

Coming off back-to-back 1,000 yard rushing seasons in the PAC 12, Joshua shows the vision needed at the next level. While not being asked to catch passes at UCLA doesn't mean he can't catch, it just means it wasn't showcased at the collegiate level. For what it’s worth, the same questions arose when Melvin Gordon was coming out, and he has shown a fine pass catching ability. Now don't get me wrong Kelley isn't Gordon, but it doesn't mean he can't be a contributor at the next level.

3.07- Hunter Bryant - TE Washington

Cristian Ognibene - @Crisdynasty

At 3.07 I was fortunate enough to have my TE of choice fall to me. In this draft class, Hunter Bryant is a 6’2” 248lb mistmatch. He is not a great blocker, but if selected in the right offensive system Hunter Bryant will be a star.

When matched up in the slot or on the line of scrimmage, Bryant has the acceleration and speed to outrun any linebacker. He has great ball tracking skills, speed in open field, and has safe/strong hands. Although Bryant is scheme dependent, he has the ability to be a fantasy difference maker. My pro comp for Bryant- Jordan Reed (hopefully a healthier version).

3.08- Ke'Shawn Vaughn - RB Vanderbilt

Travis Seel - @TSeel14 - True North Fantasy Football

Ke’Shawn Vaughn was a smash pick in this spot. Somewhat overshadowed with a stacked RB class, Vaughn has the versatile skill set needed to come in and contribute right away. After his transfer from Illinois to Vanderbilt, Vaughn broke out in a big way. With over 1,000 rushing yards and more than 35% of team rush attempts, we know Vaughn can be a quality runner. As a receiver, Vaughn hauled in more than 13% of both the team’s receiving yards and receptions in his final year. His 28 receptions eased concerns for me when it comes to his ability to be a 3 down back. With Dobbins in the first and Vaughn in the 3rd, my running back cupboards have been more than adequately re-stocked.

3.09- Michael Pittman Jr. - WR USC

Chalk - @101chalk - The Undroppables

The son of former NFL running back, Michael Pittman, the WR from Southern California is a big, physical receiver that teams look for in a prototypical X. With a 6’4”, 220 pound frame, Pittman has the size to be an outside receiver and has reliable hands. Although Pittman lacks an efficient release against press coverage, he plays physical which allows him to create space in close quarters. Overall, Pittman is a great athlete and projects to be a possession receiver.

3.10- Cole Kmet - TE Notre Dame

Shane - @ffShaneB - Fantasy Football Astronauts

Coming in at almost 6’6” and 262 lbs and then running a 4.7 at that size I’m surprised he didn't move up more people’s boards.

TE #1 at 3.10??? SIgn me up. Twice. Kmet is athletic and large. He’s good after the catch especially for someone at his size. He can be a safety valve for a QB like he was for Ian Book at Notre Dame. Oh yeah.. He’s a Notre Dame TE and we all know they produce in the NFL. You may have to be patient with him because the process of getting TEs acclimated in the league is typically not a year one impact, but it’ll be worth it especially at 3.10. And he performed the way he did at the combine?? YES YES YES on Kmet at 3.10

3.11- Justin Herbert QB- Oregon

Dan - @awlsabermetrics - 2on1:FantasySports

Nabbing a Quarterback many are projecting to go in the top 12 this late in a draft is value I couldn’t pass up. Herbert isn’t exactly a finished project as a quarterback, but his athleticism is something that could propel him to a starting job rather quickly. He has size, speed, and a big arm and could be landing with a team like the Chargers that has weapons all over the field. A Senior year with a 66.8% completion percentage for 3,471 yards and 32 touchdowns are reassuring numbers that he has grown every year as a passer and has arguably the highest ceiling out of the Quarterbacks in this class.

3.12- Isaiah Hodgins - WR - Oregon State

Dom Johnson - @domffl - Dynasty Nerds

I was a little surprised to find Isaiah Hodgins still available at the back of the 3rd round. Generally there are only TE’s or QB’s left around this part of the draft, but I don’t like to draft rookie TE’s and there were still a few skill positions left on the board. So, I took a talented under-the-radar WR prospect from a PAC-12 nobody school instead. I see a lot of potential in this big-bodied, monster catch-radius, ball-tracking receiver. He more than likely won’t produce immediately for my fantasy team, but if he lands in the right situation, I could see him becoming a Mike Williams lite.


4.01- Albert Okwuegbunam: TE, Missouri

Corey Spala - @cjalapsFF - Candlestick Kids

The combine has changed my mind on Albert Okham.. Okwad.. Albert O. After he posted a 4.49 speed I had to dive into TE statistics. Since 2000 there have been 12 TE’s that have posted 1,000 yards in which 11/12 ran their 40 under 4.7 and the average was 4.61 -- 8 players who did not surpass 1,000 yards but did have 80+ catches had an average 40 time of 4.78 in which 4 ran under 4.7.

This pick is because tight ends are hard to come by and I would rather increase my odds that I am picking the guy. I will be able to stash him for 1-2 years and hope that the risk paid off.

4.02- Jacob Eason- QB Washington

Lukas Kacer - @kacer_lukas - Candlestick Kids

This was sort of a shot in the dark play with Eason, but I am a firm believer that Eason can easily slide into a good situation and soar with his elite arm talent. His college stats really aren’t super impressive, but when you watch the tape you can see the potential. My favorite game to watch is the Utah game in which Eason showed fantastic poise against the number 2 defense in the nation. He does make some dumb mistakes, but if he lands on a team with surrounding weapons (Steelers, Saints, Chargers) then the ceiling is the roof. The Steelers and Saints could especially make interesting landing spots because he wouldn’t be asked to play right away, and could take the time to develop and learn further at the NFL level.

4.03- Lynn Bowden Jr - WR Kentucky

Tyrell Maclachlan - @TNFFtyrell - True North Fantasy Football

Luxury pick! Bowden comes with a lot of questions. Most paralysing of course is what Randal does he comp to!? Randall Cobb or Antonie Randel El? Lynn Bowden Jr. is a converted quarterback who didn’t just “try his hand” but held his own filling roles as the teams QB/ RB and WR at Kentucky.

The fantasy dream: Bowden is used as a satellite back at the next level. His hand size and BMI are by no means preclusionary to him playing WR though. Lynn Bowden was another dude we didn’t see at the combine thus he’s been throttled to out of sight out of mind island. His versatility will be taken advantage of by an NFL team, Bowden scored 13 times as a RB and 6 times as a WR in college. His floor in the NFL is taking Jet sweeps, Wildcat formations, and numerous gadget plays more teams every year seem to embrace or incorporate into their offense. If he’s playing out of the backfield or the slot Bowden will make people miss. In 2019 as a ball carrier LBJ (Feel like that nickname might be taken...) broke 55 tackles on 182 carries. Elite elusive upside.

4.04 - Quintez Cephus - WR Wisconsin

Connor - @connorten - True North Fantasy Football

I believe Quintez Cephus is the most underrated WR in this year's loaded receiving class! His combine results won't stick out, and missing a season due to some serious allegations he was acquitted of hurt the true results of his college career. But look at what we know, he was the team leader in receptions (59), receiving yards (901 - 15.3 avg), and TDs (7).

Cephus is built like an NFL caliber receiver and possesses solid route running ability. He can play and win as the X, Y, or in the slot which makes him extremely versatile wherever he lands. He also has strong hands, which is a plus for a team. I think regardless of where he ends up getting drafted, we will see him shooting up a team's depth chart and becoming a key piece to an offense which of course means fantasy relevance that will grow with his NFL career!

4.05- Van Jefferson - WR Florida

Daniel Brown - @DBrownFF88 - The Undroppables

This is a homer prospect for me no doubt, but I can’t quit Van Jefferson. Even after the news of him needing surgery, I’m buying with a price reduction. Van is a technician with great football IQ taking advantage of hungry defensive backs and making them look foolish regularly. Though he doesn’t have speed or size that will blow you away, has the intangibles of a 4 year pro.

We will see him go as early as the second round in rookie drafts, and he may go undrafted in others. I’ll be scooping up as many shares I can and hoping an NFL franchise believes in him as much as I do. Show me some draft capital, and you have yourself a nice wide receiver asset.

4.06- Devin Duvernay - WR Texas

Jim Nastic - @Goldjacketqbs - True North Fantasy Football

Big Play Duvernay! The fall has been real! The last mock Duvernay went off at pick 2.12, this time around 4.06. Well what happened? Perhaps the fact that Devin is more of a slot guy and not an outside WR, maybe it was the combine performance, a slow 3 cone, even though he had a 4.39 40 yard dash.

What can't be denied is the fact that Devin was one of only 4 WR's that caught 100 passes last season, (James Proche, Justin Jefferson, and Michael Pittman Jr). There's a reason Devin has the nickname "Big Play" like Gibson, Kelley and Reagor he's a threat to take it to the house any play. I apparently have a type this mock as I went with fast athletic playmakers that have more chances to stay on the field.

4.07- DeeJay Dallas - RB Miami

Cristian Ognibene - @Crisdynasty

WIth both my 4th round sleepers DPJ and Chasepool being chosen early due to amazing combines I chose to take a shot on a three down back… Enter, DeeJay Dallas. A RB from Miami with ability of catching out of the backfield.

DeeJay Dallas is a 5’10”, 217 lb and runs a 4.58 40. Dallas has great patience behind the line and vision as a runner. If you love watching a RB who lowers his pads, he is a punishing runner with great lower body strength. If Dallas can be a mid round pick potentially at the end of day 2 he is a must add at this point in the draft. He will be a hold player for 1-2 years but if given the opportunity don't be surprised if he turns into a RB 2/3 and at for a 4th rd pick that is exceptional value.

4.08- Adam Trautman - TE Dayton

Travis Seel - @TSeel14 - True North Fantasy Football

This was an upside pick to the fullest. Trautman didn’t wow at the Combine by any means but I think his athletic profile could fit well in the new NFL. Tall and lean, Trautman is a former basketball player who scored 23 touchdowns in his final 2 seasons at Dayton. I was happy to pick up a player with his upside close to the end of the draft.

4.09- James Robinson - RB Illinois St

Chalk - @101chalk - The Undroppables

A sleeper RB who blew up the Combine, James Robinson, who weighs 219 pounds, put up 90+ percentile scores in College Dominator Rating and Burst Scores. He has been compared to Kenneth Dixon and has shown a pass catching prowess with 21 receptions in 2018. With the talent pool shallow this late in rookie drafts, Robinson is worth a flyer.

4.10- Aaron Parker - WR Rhode Island

Shane - @ffShaneB - Fantasy Football Astronauts

Aaron Parker is a sleeper for most that I found on Twitter. I do not remember which analyst that I follow mentioned him first, but he was on a list of small school guys that could be really good in the NFL. So I started researching the Rhode Island prospect a little bit and was not disappointed. He is kind of a freak athlete and clearly was not working with much at the QB position at URI. He measures in at 6’1” and 209 lbs at the combine. He did not have BLAZING speed, but for WRs that have done well he was right in the window of what their 40 times are. He has the ability to go and get the ball, so his 26.5 inch vertical was a little surprising to me. I think he is a good prospect to go after late.

4.11- Omar Bayless - WR Arkansas St

Dan - @awlsabermetrics - 2on1:FantasySports

Continued from Mock 1: Bayless is one of my sleepers of the 2020 rookie draft class. He went for 93 receptions for 1,653 yards and 17!! touchdowns this past season, which isn’t too shabby. I know the small school knock is there, and a 31% target share is a pretty significant amount of looks- it would be hard not to produce with that many passes thrown your way. But watching him play he shows good hands and contested catch ability. His measurables certainly aren’t going to blow anyone out of the water, but for a 4th round rookie pick, I feel happy taking him and seeing what happens.

4.12- Anthony Gordon - QB - Washington State

Dom Johnson - @domffl - Dynasty Nerds

Slim pickings at the back of the 4th round. Honestly, I’m at a loss as to why Anthony Gordon isn’t getting more hype. He set the PAC-12 passing TD record with 48 TD’s in 2019 (4th best in FBS), as well as 5,579 passing yards (8th best FBS). He only had 1 game all year under 300 yards passing and only 1 game all year without a passing TD. Now, I don’t expect him to be drafted as the starting QB for any teams, but he could have a Gardner Minshew-like season if the chips fall in the right place (the injury-bug has to hit somebody, right?). I love the talent and I love being able to grab my QB5 in the back of the 4th round.