Yo! So...2 options for the Team encyclopedia - Paste them all into articles with their own category or we can make a site page for each team. That would include a Team Encyclopedia Home Page (draft design below) with links to hidden pages for each team (the pages will be hidden so they don't show in the site menu but we can still have links to re-direct people. Doing them as articles is more rigid in design options obviously, separate site pages would be more work but we can design the pages really nice and just duplicate them as templates and insert the next team's info into the template. Below is kind of how I'd envision the home page to look.

AFC North
AFC West

**Play with layout - Do we like the teams in quadrants like this, or do we like 4 across? Are we even allowed to use NFL logos? This design is just me spewing essentially

AFC South
AFC East

We'll situate the NFC teams once we pow wow and chat design.

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