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Vacated Volume

Strength of Schedule

Kyler Murray

Kenyan Drake

Deandre Hopkins


2019 Passing

Player Level
Team Level

2019 Rushing

2020 Projected Win Total: 7.3

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The desert dogsled driver

  • The Head Coach 

And the man calling plays 

  • Kliff Kinsbury

  • He has the most swag as he heads into his sophomore season

  • Which is in lock step with his franchise QB


  • And IMO the Cardinals also brings in a WR

  • to really put ARI in position to roll out their identity on offense as intended

  • We’ll see if their tough SOS vs the pass has anything to say about that

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Who's in? Who's Out?

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Vacated Volume


**Blurb about the vacated Passing?**

With the departures of Johnson and Bird, so too leaves 156 targets. These targets look to be ear marked for new arrival - by way of Bill O'Brien's baffling pre-draft trade - Deandre Hopkins. Along with Hopkins, I expect Christian Kirk to jump up, Andy Isabella to show up, and Larry Fitzgerald to post up with a bevvy and let the young boys play. Kenny Drake will probably get some targs too.

**Something to that effect? - Just going over potential target distribution**


**Rundown of expected carries**

Kenyan Drake signed the one year tranny tag and looks to be the lead dog. I expect it to shake out like this...Edmonds, Eno, look for them to add?.......

Strength of Schedule

Their Strength of schedule overall Would be described as below average for 2020

  • however ARI had one the toughest SOS in 2019

**Little rundown of their SOS - Good pockets, tough div. etc.

Kyler Murray - Quarterback

349/542 (64%)/3722 Yds./20TD/12 Int.

544 Rushing Yds./4TD

2019 Rank: QB7

Established in 2019