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True North consists of some Canadian kids who like to keep their sticks on the ice and only know how to give it a hundred and ten percent. We like Hockey, Curlin', Shinny, Tim's coffee, 5% Beer, and Ketchup Chips. We're just some regular dudes trying to represent for the Maple Leaf in the fantasy world. 

Special shout-out to Marshall Unger for the logo sets. Marshall is a local artist from B.C. and he came through huge on all of our art. He's an extremely talented and versatile artist with a heavy anime influence. Give him a follow and check out his website for more of his work. Click the icons below to show your support. 

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Travis Seel (@TSeel14) 



I'm a die-hard Eagles fan with 2 kids and a smokin' hot wife. I've been playing fantasy for 10+ years, generally playing re-draft and getting into Dynasty formats in the past few years. I'm really proud to have developed this platform for us to get True North Fantasy content out and help our people win some fantasy 'ships. Hooves up Canada!

Tyrell Maclachlan (@TnfFtyrell)


Hi, my name's Tyrell Maclachlan and I'm a best-balloholic! 

I've been into fantasy sports since high school

playing Re-draft, lots of Dynasty, a couple Keeper leagues, and 100+ best ball leagues every year. Commissioner of a 2QB league going into it's 4th year. I like drinkin, smokin, and basically straight West Coastin'. I live for family, friends, sports, concerts, and beaches. I like to watch It's Always Sunny, Archer, Seinfeld, The Office, and my guilty pleasure is The OC.

TJ Watt.jpg

Will Harris (@itsharristime)

How would I describe myself? Three words. Hard working, alpha male, jack hammer. Merciless. Insatiable. Die hard Steelers fan. Family man. Proud Canadian. Farm kid.


Jim (@goldjacketqbs)

In 1982 there was a glacial shift in the great white north and from it rose a bubbling mass of football awesomeness and I.Q. packed into a baby, who on his way to becoming a man devoured football like it was maple syrup drenched pancakes.


That baby grew up to become Jim Nastic and now a fully grown man is here to help guide you to fantasy football success. I have an uncanny ability at finding deep prospects for middle rounds of drafts that can carry you to titles and glory. I love football and my goal is to help you out with fantasy or life follow me on twitter @Goldjacketqbs. I'll always do my best to answer any questions you may have!


Connor (@connorten)

My name is Connor Donald and I have been a Fantasy Football participant for 6 years, including 2 years in dynasty. I'm from the East Coast of Canada in New Brunswick where most Canadians don't even know exists. 


I wish I lived in Philadelphia because I am a 4x4 Philly sports fan, largely Eagles and Flyers. Alas, my free health care keeps me on the northern side of the border. 


I am largely a redraft conniseur, but am learning more and speaking more about the dynasty world. I'm excited to join a Canadian crew as a written and social media contributor! Enough about me, let's win you some leagues! 

Josh Nelson (@TNFF_Smokey)

Born of a stray thought propelled on the sweet sticky exhale of gorgeous green ganja, Smokey has been in a love affair with the Cowboys and the NFL on the whole since shaking hands with Troy Aikman in ’95. He also smoked his first joint that year… correlation vs. causation?

Husband to his beautiful wife Rachel, father to his handsome son Felix, Josh resides on Vancouver Island in the luscious Cowichan Valley. Flyers, Cowboys, Raptors, Gators, Tar Heels, Royals (Victoria) love keeps his heart spanning the continent.

Smokey in one word: Strategery


Ellis Johnson (@YoItsEllis_FF)

My name is Ellis Bryn Johnson and I am a Canadian fantasy football writer. I have been writing published fantasy articles for two years. I currently am the Senior Dynasty Analyst for Master Drafter Football and writer for RotoBaller, along with my work here, at TNFF.


In my second life I am a University of British Columbia Graduate, and currently a Kinesiology Master's Student at the University of Calgary. With the U of C, I have two kinesiology academic publications, one as a co-author and the other an acknowledgement. I am an avid sports fan and player, as I competed in varsity rugby throughout my undergraduate degree. As a Bengals fan, I have learned a lot about adversity. I aim to apply this adversity and grow as a writer, delivering statistically detailed player analysis.

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