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Dynasty Radar - July Edition

Brian (@TheFFAviator) will be looking at Fantasy Football Dynasty Buys and Sells based on ADP and situations throughout the year. As well, he will suggest players that you should keep an eye on, as their situations and their value may be headed for a change.

Summer is in full swing now! Canada Day has passed. Scott Fish Bowl is going down. It is really starting to feel like the season is right around the corner. While we are trying not to melt, we can’t be neglecting our Dynasty teams.

Make sure you are keeping an eye on things going on and watching to see where you can add some depth to your teams. We need to always be doing some self-assessment of our teams and figure out where we could use some help. In this edition, we will be looking at players that we should look at adding to add depth to bolster our roster. One of the places we can find value is in players who have had their situation change. Usually, the Dynasty community doesn’t know what to make of the situation and ends up miss valuing the players.


Unless we have one of the big three tight ends, most of us are always looking to add to our tight end room. We are looking for either bye week depth or looking for that next breakout player. So let's look at a few guys that won’t cost you too much in draft capital to acquire.

Adam Trautman - TE New Orleans Saints

Usually, the tight end position takes a few years for guys to get a feel for the position in the NFL. Yet the New Orleans Saints had seen enough from Adam Trautman in his rookie year to go into the 2021 season with him on top of their depth chart. In his first year in the NFL after coming out of Dayton; Trautman posted the highest grade in run blocking according to Pro Football Focus (PFF). No, it is not lost on me that there aren’t any leagues out there giving points for blocks, being reliable in all aspects of the game allows Trautman to stay on the field. Trautman also graded out as the number nine TE in overall Offence grade for TEs at PFF.

In his rookie season, Trautman didn’t post any numbers that would wow you because he was working behind Jared Cook who has since moved on from the team. Trautman could easily move into a bigger role and we could see a big jump in his production. He could be the number three target behind Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara.

Trautman in college had a 38.1% dominator rating (97th Percentile) coming out of Dayton. He is more than capable of taking on a bigger role in the passing game. I for one am excited to see what he can do when leaned on in this offense. Let's get the ball in this man's hands! Let’s see what a guy that is 6-foot-5, 255 pounds and runs a 6.78 three-cone can do in the open field.

Gerald Everett - TE Seattle Seahawks

The former second-round pick for the LA Rams has now moved to another team in the NFC West division the Seattle Seahawks. Gerald Everett has always been one of those guys that have flashed with the Rams but never got his chance to be “The Guy”. He has been a TE that the fantasy community has always wanted to see more from. Now we get our chance! Along with Everett, Seattle also hired offensive coordinator Shane Waldron. Waldron was Everett’s TE coach in his rookie season with the Rams and knows exactly what Everett can bring to his offense.

Head coach Pete Carrol has also been singing his praise this off-season, "This is I think the fanciest, sweetest-looking receiver/tight end mix that we've had. He's like a wide receiver, he's got terrific after-the-catch run ability, really aggressive and he's a good blocker, too,"

Go snag this guy while he is still valued as TE23. His price will only go up once the season starts.

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Wide Receiver

I’m buying up a few wide receivers that are on teams that are going to pass around 600 times this year. In both cases, there are three good wide receivers on the team where there should be many targets to go around.

Tee Higgins - WR Cincinnati Bengals

In his rookie season coming out of Clemson, Tee Higgins showed us flashes of greatness on how he can be a dominant force in the NFL. He put up quite a good stat line of 908 yards on 105 targets and had six touchdowns. All that and he didn’t even have the Bengals new start quarterback throwing him the ball the last 6 games after his knee injury.

The Bengals are going to be one of the most pass-happy teams this year again. Ja’Marr Chase is the new hotness in Cincinnati after being selected in the first round in 2021. Right now Tee Higgins is valued way less than Chase. Higgins owners might be worried about his target share being taken away and falling. But I see this receiving group being very similar to the Tampa Bay receivers last year. I see this offense spread out very evenly between the three top receivers. Higgins is that big-bodied receiver that I can see being the Mike Evans of the Bengals. I am buying the cheaper of the top two outside wide receivers.


Because I think Higgins will outproduce Chase this year.

Hot take?

No. Reality.

Go get him off another team while his value may seem depressed.

Antonio Brown - WR Tampa Bay Buccaneers

On to what I was just talking about with the Tampa Bay offense. They spread the ball around between the wide receivers. From Week 9 on last year after starting late for the Bucs; Brown was able to get a target share of 17%. For reference, Mike Evans was 22% and Chris Godwin was 18% in this timespan.

Brown was able to come in and establish himself in the offense and gain Brady’s trust and produce! Brown started off slow to the season after an extended time off, but he had two weeks inside the top 10 weekly wide receivers down the stretch.

Image from Reception Perception

Antonio Brown still has it. According to Reception Perception Brown’s success against man coverage and zone was very similar to the success of Calvin Ridley.

Right now according to Fantasy Pros rankings he is ranked as the WR72. I know he is crazy and unstable but he is also very good at football. You aren’t asking him out for dinner, you are adding him to your fantasy squad. He is being extremely undervalued because of the uncertainty of his future after this year. But I will gladly go out and get him and win this year. Whoever has Antonio Brown on their team I am working him into a deal if I am a contender.

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