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Updated: May 20

The TNFF crew is back for the 2021 fantasy football season! First order of business is a Superflex rookie mock draft with 12 members of the Eh Team! The order of the draft is as follows:

Nate Williams (@TrueNorth_Nate)

Jesse (@df_patterson)

Connor (@connorten)

Ty (@TnfFtyrell)

Will Harris (@itsharristime)

Josh Smokey (@TNFF_Smokey)

Jim Nastic (@goldjacketqbs)

Matt (@TexasTrojan2004)

Dan Brown (@DanBrownNFL)

Ellis Johnson (@YoitsEllis_FF)

Brian (@TheFFAviator)

Coach Craig (@CoachCraigSport)

1.01 - QB Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville Jaguars

It sure would have been nice to have the 1.01 in an actual rookie draft this year! As much as I love Justin Fields, there was no reason to get cute here. I’m going to pick the consensus first overall pick in Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence. The dynamic young signal caller was the first-overall pick by the Jacksonville Jaguars in last month’s NFL Draft, and for good reason. What makes the rookie quarterback even more appealing is the weapons that will be surrounding him in northern Florida. His Clemson Tigers teammate RB Travis Etienne was also drafted by Urban Meyer and the Jaguars in the first round. With those two paired up along with a dynamic young receiving core, it should make for some solid fantasy production in Lawrence’s freshman NFL season. We’re drafting for Superflex here! Make the pick and run!

- Nate Williams (@TrueNorth_Nate)

1.02 - QB Justin Fields, Chicago Bears

Based on most rankings and rookie mock drafts (not to mention draft capital) the chalk 1.02 pick is San Francisco QB Trey Lance. But I've been enamored with Justin Fields before the draft. He was my QB2 prior to the draft and he is my QB2 even after being passed over by a few teams. The fact that several NFL general managers liked him enough to attempt to trade up for him, tells me I'm not alone in my views of his potential at the pro level. Fields not only has a larger sample size of college production on his resume, but also improved his passer rating and completion percentage last year indicating his growth as a prospect. He possesses all the natural skills and measurables to be a dual threat quarterback. Lance walks into a better situation in San Francisco and, may even put up better stats in year one, but Fields is the player I prefer long term.

- Jesse (@df_patterson)

1.03 - RB Najee Harris, Pittsburgh Steelers

This pick is certainly dependent on team need. Does your fantasy team need a QB like Fields or Lance, a stud WR like Chase, a "generational" talent like Kyle Pitts or a stud game changing RB like Najee? Well, at the 1.03 you can certainly kick this draft into gear and change the landscape. I'm going to roll with the pick of a young stud RB. Najee Harris has jaw-dropping size, speed and agility to pair with a surprising ability in the receiving game. He had an 81% receiving rate the last two seasons with 11 TDs and 729 yards on 70 receptions. He had back-to-back seasons of 1200 plus yards and, had 39 TDs over the last two seasons. He ranked second in miss tackles forced (71), yards after contact (821) and first in runs of 10+ yards (47). I am tired hearing about the offensive line problems in Pittsburgh! This guy will feast off contact, produce in the passing game and overall be the workhorse back that is disappearing in today's NFL. You want opportunity, talent, size and athletic metrics, look no further!

- Connor (@connorten)

1.04 - QB Trey Lance, San Francisco 49ers

Trey Lance is my 2nd ranked rookie in Superflex formats and the 49ers treated Sir Lancelot like their knight in shining armor by making the biggest draft trade in 49ers history to put them in a position to select him. They’ve instilled a tremendous amount of confidence in Lance considering he’s a small school QB with a small sample size of work. In fantasy you’re chasing the traits with Trey because his skill set should align perfectly with how this offense operates, in concert with Lance and adding a vertical element to the passing game (particularly on play action). His athleticism gives us a fantastic floor, meanwhile his arm strength and the scheme present a high ceiling for fantasy gamers (and for the 49ers offense). Lance will be given the opportunity to show us what he’s made of sooner rather than later since QBs selected top 10 in the NFL draft over the past decade have started on average more than 12 games during their rookie season. The schedule makers couldn’t have been friendlier to the 49ers or Trey Lance owners starting with San Francisco’s week 6 bye being the earliest in all of football. Additionally, they have the #1 strength of schedule, including during the fantasy football football playoffs. Sir Lancelot could be your dynasty team's saviour, but he’s also a potential league winner in 2021!

- Ty (@TnfFtyrell)

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1.05 - WR Ja'Marr Chase, Cincinnati Bengals

Ja’Marr Chase is the 1.01 of WRs in the 2021 rookie class. Standing 6’0, 203 lbs with 4.39 speed (pro day), physically Chase checks boxes that other WRs failed to do leading up to the draft. Factor in Chase’s National Championship winning season with LSU in 2019 (1,780 yards, 20 touchdowns), his early declaration for the draft while re-uniting with LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, further distances Chase from the Devonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle’s of the 2021 WR class. Can we imagine for one minute a world where COVID did not exist and Chase returns to LSU after the National Championship? Chase then goes and shows that he can do it all again without teammate Joe Burrow, topping 2000 yards and another 20 touchdowns. In this world, Ja’Marr becomes the first non-quarterback off the board and the label “generational” starts flying around on social media. What might have been! Now fantasy football managers are presented with a “buy low” opportunity on Ja’Marr Chase. WRs are the new currency in fantasy football. At 1.05, I’ve added a blue chip WR prospect that will pay immediate and increasingly higher dividends for the next ten years.

- Will Harris (@itsharristime)

1.06 - TE Kyle Pitts, Atlanta Falcons

My love for my favourite Florida Gator of all-time is no secret (just look at the picture to the left!) and when I saw the players get drafted before him here, I could not turn in the digital draft card fast enough. Outside of Lawrence, Pitts offers a ceiling of arguably the greatest positional advantage in fantasy football from this draft class. Pitts offers both piece of mind at the TE position and turns whichever existing TE on my roster into a valuable trade commodity. If Julio indeed moves on from Atlanta, Pitts is walking into a possible situation with insane volume. If Julio doesn’t leave, it brings a ton of issues for opposing defenses. Who are you going to cover on the Atlanta offense? Pitts could see a lot of single man coverage in his freshman season. Depending on roster construction/scoring format, I would grab Pitts as early as the 1.02. He will never be cheaper in the future.

- Josh Smokey (@TNFF_Smokey)

1.07 - QB Zach Wilson, New York Jets

In a Superflex rookie draft I was shocked to see the number two pick in the NFL Draft fall to me at the 1.07. I'm not going to sugar-coat anything here. It's well known that I'm not the biggest Zach Wilson fan pre draft, but the fact remained that many NFL executives did. Enough so, that there was talk of many teams trying to trade up for him. In the Superflex format the QB position is king and at 1.07 I have no problem taking Wilson here as he's one of a few QB's that will start week 1 out of the gate and, a QB that I think should hold significant trade value into the season.

- Jim Nastic (@goldjacketqbs)

1.08 - RB Javonte Williams, Denver Broncos

With the top four QBs and TE Kyle Pitts off the board, any QB or TE I draft here would be a reach, so the way to go is to pick a WR or a RB. Ja’Marr Chase and Najee Harris were already gone, and that left DeVonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle as the top WRs on my board and Javonte Williams and Travis Etienne as the top RBs. Honestly, I can’t go wrong with any of those picks for the long term. I chose Williams for one reason - opportunity, especially in 2021. Smith and Waddle have plenty of competition for catches, as well as question marks at QB on their respective teams, and I see their ceilings to be temporarily capped at WR2 or WR3 especially as rookies. Etienne has to compete with a RB coming off of an impressive 1000-yard season in James Robinson. All that is standing in the way of Williams is a 28-year-old Melvin Gordon who tends to get banged up and two backs in Mike Boone and Royce Freeman who have never shown they can be everyday starters. When choosing between comparable players, I always take the one with the quickest path to playing time and that’s Javonte Williams.

- Matt (@TexasTrojan2004)

1.09 - RB Travis Etienne, Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars chose Etienne at No. 25, using their first two picks on Clemson college teammates after selecting Lawrence first overall. Etienne fell into my lap here at 1.09 thanks to QB demand fueling four picks that came off the board prior to my selection. It’s a large drop off after the top three RBs (Harris, Williams, Etienne) are gone. I love finding a way to snag a RB in the first round of a rookie mock draft. Etienne left Clemson as a two-time ACC Player of the Year, the ACC's all-time leading rusher and as the NCAA's all-time leader in games with a TD. Lawrence and Etienne are bringing their chemistry to one of the league's worst defenses from 2020, and these two should have all the opportunity and game script they can handle. Don’t let James Robinson scare you off the new RB1 in Jacksonville.

- Dan Brown (@DanBrownNFL)

1.10 - WR Jaylen Waddle - Miami Dolphins

Simply put, Waddle is a steal here. I am always amazed how Ja’Marr Chase is considered a locked in top five pick yet Waddle can slide all the way to the 1.10. I understand that Chase is an amazing prospect, but that doesn’t take away from Waddle’s draft capital. To take him sixth overall, the Dolphins must love what he brings to the table. They would have strongly considered his chemistry with his former QB at Alabama and current QB Tua Tavaglioa. Although clearly speculation, I have a feeling that, much like Joe Burrow wanted Chase, Tua pushed for Waddle (over Devonta Smith). These first round picks are not bust-proof by any means, but Miami is widely regarded to be doing their rebuild “right” and I trust this organization to use Waddle in a way that maximizes his skill set. Lastly, the opportunity available in Miami makes Waddle a gem. Will Fuller signed a one year deal this offseason and is the perfect style of receiver for a speedy Waddle to learn behind. Fuller will most likely leave after this season, making the WR depth chart to consist of Waddle, DeVante Parker (who has a potential contract out this offseason), and the uninspiring combination Preston Williams and Jakeem Grant. Waddle has a clear path to targets and holds elite talent to back it up. If we can see Tua take a step forward this season, this offense could be electric.

- Ellis Johnson (@YoitsEllis_FF)

1.11 - WR DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles

At pick 1.11 I am happy to get “The Slim Reaper” DeVonta Smith. I was skeptical about Smith early in the scouting process. Typically I prefer my WRs to have that prototypical alpha build. Someone that is big and fast and can go up and get the ball. But this 6’ 170lb WR is different! He makes catches that make your jaw drop! He is a crisp route runner, and was the number one charted WR by Matt Harmon in Reception Perception against press coverage. The NFL told us how they felt about his size by drafting him tenth overall in this year's draft. He got drafted by the Eagles where he will step in and be the number one target right off the bat. And if you are going to tell me that Smith is an outlier and that guys his size don’t produce in the NFL … cool! Because he is an outlier and that is exactly why I am going to take the Heisman winner right here and be happy adding him to my roster.

- Brian (@TheFFAviator)

1.12 - QB Mac Jones, New England Patriots

After getting sniped by Brian I was torn between RB Michael Carter and QB Mac Jones. Without factoring in team needs and roster construction I went with Mac Jones. While Jones may be the least exciting of this year’s “big 5 QBs,” QB2s are still quite valuable in Superflex formats. He also offers the upside of a low end QB1 (think Kirk Cousins). His 1st round draft capital means he should get at least four years to prove that he can be the long term answer at QB for the Patriots. His value in 2021 may be dependent on the play of Cam Newton, but 2022 and beyond is wheels up for Mac! Say what you want about the Patriots offseason moves, but this is the most they have invested in skill position players in quite some time. I would not be surprised if they continue to add weapons in 2022 and beyond to build around their young QB.

- Coach Craig (@CoachCraigSport)

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